Declaration Video believes that every person’s life is a story worth telling. But as we move further into the “communications era,” family histories are becoming lost. We offer you the chance to tell your life’s story, allowing your children and grandchildren to hear and see first hand, your history. We integrate on-camera interviews with photos and other video to create a declaration of who you are, who you were, and who you hope your children and heirs will become.

Here’s a sample of what we mean. This is a highlights package from a project we did for Harry and Shirley. They gave their life story and Christian Testimony as a memoir for their family.

Harry and Shirley relive their history through most of the 20-th Century up to today. The video includes stories of their childhoods and how they met. It follows the winding path of Harry’s careers that begins with him serving in the Marines in World War 2 and ends with him following his heart into the pulpit as a minister. Shirley recounts her first hand experience with a miracle. And, perhaps most importantly to the Liggett’s, it provides a chance for them to give their Christian Testimony as a legacy for their heirs. All of it told in their own words and in their own way.

“Working with Rex (i.e. Declaration Video) was a delight from our first phone conversation when I described what I was hoping to capture to the completed project.  I simply wanted a video of my parents — the story of their Christian Testimony and the story of their lives.  Rex gave us more than we ever hoped for.  He began by putting my parents at ease by answering all their questions and giving them all the reassurances they needed.  Once the filming was completed, Rex’s artistic editing began and he created a beautiful gift for our family.  We now have a treasure in our possession – a lasting memory of my parents’ lives.  They are both in their late 80’s with a rich heritage to pass along.  I’m so thankful to have found Rex and for his ability to beautifully craft their story for our family.
May I say that Rex is so easy to work with and so accommodating.  He went beyond my expectations – and my imagination – in completing this project.  He worked diligently, keeping me in the loop at all times.  And he completed the project on time!
If your desire is to chronicle the lives of loved ones, or events in your lives, I would highly recommend Rex as the artist to craft your memories into a most valued video.”
–Carolyn Miller (Harry and Shirley ‘s daughter)
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