Any successful 21st Century business is taking advantage of the Internet and all that it has to offer. At Declaration Video, we produce short, informative videos about your business that can be used on your webpage, as a “Lobby Video” to be played on a loop in the waiting room of your office, or as a promotional tool. While we can provide a voice to narrate, we prefer allowing you, the business owner or operator, to tell the story.

Here is a video we produced for Allton’s Clothing for Men, a store in Edmond, Oklahoma.


Here’s a video we produced for Millerscapes Landscaping, a garden and landscaping company in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Millerscapes used this video on the front page of their website to introduce themselves to potential clients.

We also produced this video for Millerscapes, following the construction of a Prayer Labyrinth garden.

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Let us tell YOUR story…